[Norfolk Island] How to get to Norfolk Island

Previously, I introduced a great place of Norfolk Island. In this page, I am going to talk about how to access to Norfolk Island from Australia.

There are 2 ways to get to Norfolk Island from Australia.

飛行時間 Flight Duration

  • シドニーから約2.5時間 Approx. 2.5hrs from Sydney
  • ブリスベンから約2時間 Approx. 2.0hrs from Brisbane

From Sydney or Brisbane.


The flights to Norfolk Island are operated by Air New Zealand.


You are departing from International Terminal of Sydney or Brisbane Airport. If you are departing from other cities such as Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, you will be taking a Code share flight with Qantas. Or head to Sydney or Brisbane, catch a Air Zealand flight to Norfolk Island.


通常であればシドニーからは毎週月曜日と金曜日と日曜日 ブリスベンからは毎週火曜日と土曜日運行 予定でした、しかしCOVID-19の影響でフライトの情報に大きな変更がでています。

Before COVID-Crisis, the flights from Sydney were on every Mondays and Fridays and Sundays. From Brisbane, every Tuesdays and Saturdays.


Air New Zealand will resume flights from 1 July to 24 October 2020 once a week returns from Sydney on Mondays and Brisbane on Saturdays.


ちょっとした豆知識 Little Knowledge

海外旅行だけど国内旅行??(Domestic Trip to Overseas of Australia.

Norfolk Island is external territory of Australia, and the system is under New South Wales. (Voting system is with Canberra). Therefore, it is outside of Australia however, it is considered to be a domestic travel destination. Of course the currency is in Australian Dollars.



As a trip to Norfolk Island, it is a similar process to an international flight. You will have to go through the international terminal and its customs. You have to go through the manned custom gate as automatic gate is not able to process this trip.

For Australians, as long as you hold a valid photo ID such as Drivers License, you are able to travel to Norfolk Island yet a passport is recommended. However, for Non-Australian travellers, the passport is essential to travel with. The departure gate is located at the very back of the international terminal in Sydney, so please allow enough time to arrive at the gate.

ノーフォーク島到着手続きArrive to Norfolk Island

ノーフォーク島国際空港: Norfolk Island International Airport

Upon arrival, you will have to go through the immigration process…even though we were not really “departed” Australia. The process to enter the island is similar to when you enter Australia from overseas and filling out the incoming passenger form.

抜粋:オーストラリア移民局入国カードAustralian Incoming passennger card.

What to fill out is exactly same as Australian immigration card. If you have any fruits items made of natural materials etc.. you must declare it.

小屋のような到着ゲート It is a cute entrance gate for the arrival.


Once you enter this door, you will see the carousel, and will be questioned by quarantine officer. Once you hand your card to the officer you are in Norfolk Island.
Welcome to Norfolk Island!


Hopefully this self-isolation finishes soon, and I can go back to Norfolk Island again.


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